Windmill Planning Application

Windmill Hotel – Appeal.

As expected James Hall & Co Ltd. ( Spar) have applied for an appeal against South Ribble Borough Council’s decision to reject their application to demolish the Windmill Hotel and build a convenience store and petrol filling station.
James Hall & Co. Ltd. have elected to have a written hearing. This means that a planning inspector will see all the documentation which has previously been sent to South Ribble, along with any new letters. After reading all of the documents he / she will make a site visit before making a decision.
This decision will be binding.
We believe it is essential that we as a community ensure that all the facts are put before the planning inspector.

All letters must be with the inspectorate by the 8th. June. However the Shell garage have kindly agreed to put all letters in a box and we will ensure that they are sent to the inspectorate by recorded delivery.

The following is a notice which we have placed on the notice board and at the garage.
Many thanks for your cooperation.

Windmill Planning Appeal

As most residents will now be aware, James Hall &Co. Ltd. (Spar) have now lodged an appeal to South Ribble Borough Council’s decision to refuse their application to demolish the Windmill Hotel and build a convenience store and petrol station on that site.

The appeal is to be looked at by a planning inspector based in Bristol, who will be making a site visit after reading all the relevant papers from both sides.

We feel that because this inspector cannot be aware of the local residents’ overwhelming opposition to this application, it would help if we could write letters to the inspector to tell him / her that we as a community do not want this application to go ahead.

It is worth while noting however that the inspector will only be concerned about legal planning reasons. We would therefore respectfully remind residents of the reasons which South Ribble Borough Council used when refusing this application.

· Would cause great disturbance to local residents, with both light and noise disturbance.
· Ingress off the A677 would be a danger to other traffic users and pedestrians, especially being so close to a pedestrian crossing, bus stop and the close by junction of Branch Road.
· All users of the garage and convenience store would have to use Branch Road to use the A677. This would cause extra pressure on what is already a dangerous junction.
· In the event of an emergency when tankers are refilling the pumps, the tanker would be unable to exit the site quickly enough.

These are just a few of the reasons which could be used when writing a letter to explain why it would be so wrong to allow this to go ahead.

We must get these letters into the inspectorate by Friday the 8th June. You can either send your letter direct to Bristol (the address is enclosed at the bottom of this letter) or we have arranged for a box at the Shell Garage on Preston New Road where you can leave your letters. We will ensure that all these letters will be sent down to Bristol by recorded delivery.

Please ensure that on all correspondence the Planning Inspectorate Reference number is clearly visible. This number is: – APP/F2360/W/18/3199821

The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN

This letter has been published by Samlesbury Residents Forum & Mellor Brook Matters Tel: 07910235256