2 thoughts on “Blue Slate Farm – Planning Proposal”

  1. Access to this site is either by Nabs head lane or Spring lane, neither of which are capable of safely carrying the extra traffic this development would create. The comment that
    ” Samlesbury is like no other village as it has a huge geographical spread with no centre or heart.”
    Ok, Samlesbury is huge but to say we have no centre or heart ?? Who ever wrote this has no idea who we are and if they think they can build us a heart by development and making are roads more dangerous they obviously think they know what we need better than we do, because I have not yet heard anyone speak in favor of this development, so far %100 have been against it.

  2. Whilst the proposals addresses some issues, however what can’t be mitigated is increased traffic on the local lanes.
    It is noted Nabshead Lane, Further lane & Goosefoot Lane are regularly used as ‘rat runs’, traffic short cutting to the M65.
    Goosefoot Lane is in a particular poor condition with many blind corners.
    Further Lane is narrow in parts with blind corners.
    Both Lanes in recent times carry traffic they were not designed too.
    This development would make matters worse.


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