Central Lancashire Local Plan – November 2019

Please see below the list of Site Proposals in the area of Samlesbury & Walton. The full documents with further details can be viewed online here. Please leave comments below.

3 thoughts on “Central Lancashire Local Plan – November 2019”

  1. Re- Stanley Mount Gib Lane Hoghton
    I am Veronica Roper Sunnyside Gib Lane Hoghton I live more or less Stanley Mount , I am horrified to see planning permission has been put to South Ribble Council , I object strongly :-
    1. We are in a country area and there are already a lot of cars use this road & a lot at ridiculous speed , so there is more than enough traffic .
    Can be quite dangerous & often used as a cut through from the motorway if there is a problem on the motorway .
    2. There are 2 entrances to Stanley Mount and they are both near a very bad corner & there has been accidents & near accidents – safety hazard .
    3. We are in the country where there is a lot of wildlife e.g. The pond where there are newts & frogs .
    4. There are a number of trees on the land where the birds roost including owls – I hear them frequently from there .

  2. I am absolutely appalled and horrified to hear of the proposed developments at the jct of Nabs Head Lane & Spring Lane, the Land at Lower Intacks farm & both in front and to the rear of Halfway house.
    We are a Green belt! Which means we are the green lung between Blackburn and Preston and should remain so!
    Precious farmland inhabiting not only farm animals and farmers means of surviving but numerous species of wildlife will go …. forever! Never ever to return …
    Nabs Head is a Lane with no pavements, the numerous vehicles that use it can’t pass in certain places let alone the heavy wagons that regularly use it thanks to the Water Treatment Plant. I’ve seen parents with children & dog walkers squashed into the sides – a very dangerous situation, what on earth would it be like if these developments went ahead with the extra traffic. Already the verges are being turned to mud and hedges being pushed over because the Lane is too narrow and can’t cope.
    Plus a new development would mar our wonderful scenery, changing our landscape for the worse forever. As a nation we’re encouraged as families to get out into the fresh air – if these developments go ahead Nabs Head Lane would become a Lane you couldn’t even walk down safely.
    The entrance into Nabs Head from the A677 is still a very dangerous place to turn in, you have to sit in a precarious position facing oncoming traffic, several times we’ve had near misses because people are overtaking coming towards us. Where would the entrances be for the proposed developments by Halfway House?? Again the increase in traffic would majorly impact on the junction.
    We as a country village don’t have the infrastructure to cope with these developments and demands on our system. Schools? Shops? Doctors? we have none, not even a post office.
    Nabs Head have endured all the massive developments at the water treatment plant and will continue to do so into the near future ….. you’re seriously wanting to put us through more?


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